Events Footage

Keep an eye on these pages to see what events we have had and have planned in and around
the Original Tin Shed Experience©.
It will be updated regularly.



Sian Evans & Ron McElroy Birthday Bash 2017

Danielle Lewis – Fall

Mark Llewelyn Evans – Tell My Father

Thieves Of Time – Paint The Stars & The Sun

Water Poets – Spaceships

Sian Evans & Ron McElroy – Full Set @ Birthday Bash 2016

Jemma Krysa & Andrew Coughlan – Full Set @ Birthday Bash 2016

Americana Gold – Full Set @ Birthday Bash 2016

Bonita Delaney – Full Set @ Birthday Bash

Harp & Tap  – Take Five & Unsure Dance

Ron Savory – Huzzah

Dom Pipkin – Birthday Bash 2016

Western Edge – First Set

Lost Hollow – Americana Weekend 2016

Tia McGraff & Tommy Parham – Americana Weekend 2016

Eluned Rees – “Voices of the First World War”

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