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The Tin Shed Experience© is a small 1940s museum and event location currently housed in the old ‘Belle Vue Garage’ building based in Laugharne, Carmarthenshire.  The museum guides tell the fascinating stories of local people involved in WW2 – civilians, servicemen and women. There is an Anderson Shelter and Workman’s Cottage filled with memorabilia from the 1930s and 1940s.  A visit will help pupils with a number of important educational skills such as numeracy, literacy and communication but it is the storytelling that adds most to the experience and the local tales linked to the uniformed mannequins.

Laugharne is very popular with school groups due to the Dylan Thomas attractions and the nearby Castle which could also be visited as part of a day trip.  It would also be possible to combine your visit with the nearby WW1 Trench – Back To The Front Experience© at Morfa Bay in Pendine. We would be happy on request to host and guide school groups of around 30/40 pupils for the small entry charge of £3 each. Bilingual tours in Welsh can also be arranged. There is a covered barn area that can be used for a variety of activities and for lunch breaks and research opportunities.

Examples of what can be covered by a visit to the Tin Shed :-
Events of WW2 between 1939 – 1945 – the phoney war,
the Swansea Blitz of February 1941,
The Battle of Britain,
Make do and Mend,
The Womens Land Army,
Evacuees in Wales,
US soldiers in Wales,
The Home Guard,
Rationing and cottage life.

The impact of the war on the everyday lives of ordinary people in Wales and on the lives of a variety of service men and women

Some important Welsh people of WW2 and the roles they played

Skills developed by a visit and by using our resource CD

Using a range of sources to find out information about WW2

Numeracy skills using the old £ s d

Literacy skills using the old newspaper and resource materials available

Aspects of narrative story telling

Manual skills in hand-sewing

Thinking Skills – making postcards and posters.
We could provide a presentation about the Tin Shed Experience to teachers prior to a visit and a resource CD following the visit.  If you are interested in more information please contact

Emyr Price – 07966174179 or 01554823908
This is a free service as the project is funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund. Please check out our Facebook page Tin Shed Laugharne.


Mae’r ‘Tin Shed Experience©’ yn leoliad ac amgueddfa 1940au sydd wedi ei  lleoli ar hyn o bryd yn hen adeilad ‘Belle Vue Garage’ yn Nhalacharn, Sir Gaerfyrddin.   Mae arweinyddion yr amgueddfa yn adrodd straeon diddorol o bobl leol sy’n ymwneud â’r 2il Rhyfel Byd – sifiliaid a milwyr.  Mae yna hefyd ardd fuddugoliaeth gyda ‘Anderson Shelter’ a Bwthyn gweithiwr yn llawn o bethau cofiadwy o’r 1930au a’r 1940au.  Bydd ymweliad yn helpu disgyblion gyda nifer o sgiliau addysgol pwysig megis rhifedd, llythrennedd a chyfathrebu ond y chwedlau lleol  sy’n gysylltiedig â’r mannequins sy’n ychwanegu fwyaf at y profiad.

Mae Talacharn yn boblogaidd iawn gyda grwpiau ysgol oherwydd atyniad Dylan Thomas a’r Castell gerllaw a all hefyd fod yn rhan o daith diwrnod.  Byddai’n  bosibl i gyfuno eich ymweliad â’r ffos Rhyfel Byd cyntaf gerllaw ym Mae Morfa ym Mhentywyn.  Byddem yn falch i gynnal ac arwain grwpiau ysgolion o tua 30 o ddisgyblion am dâl mynediad o £3 yr un.  Gallwn hefyd drefnu teithiau ddwyieithog yn y Gymraeg.  Mae ganddom ysgubor a gellir ei ddefnyddio ar gyfer amrywiaeth o weithgareddau ac am amserau cinio a chyfleoedd ymchwil.

Gallwn ddarparu cyflwyniad am y Tin Shed i athrawon cyn yr ymweliad a CD o adnoddau yn dilyn yr ymweliad.  Os oes gennych ddiddordeb am rhagor o wybodaeth cysylltwch ag Emyr Price – 07966174179 neu 01554823908 neu

Mae hwn yn wasanaeth rhad ac am ddim gan fod y prosiect yn cael ei ariannu gan Gronfa Treftadaeth y Loteri.  Edrychwch hefyd ar ein tudalen ar Facebook’- Tin Shed Laugharne




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