The History Shed Experience C.I.C.™


The History Shed Experience C.I.C.™ formerly known as The Original Tin Shed Experience© .
We are a not for profit Community Interest Company that is run by the kind help of its small band of volunteers.

The forced closure of the original museum, housed within the ‘Belle Vue Garage’ in Laugharne is due to an ongoing dispute with our premises landlord.

As an organisation we are seeking alternate premises and will probably be relocating the museum from the historic Township of Laugharne but hopefully staying within the county of Carmarthenshire. We have restructured and renamed the group and are now a registered Community Interest Company.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment caused by the ongoing situation and we hope that you will continue to support and visit us when we relocate. Please keep an eye on here and on our twitter and instagram accounts for updates.


Tin Shed Experience Laugharne© was a quaint and quirky 1940s museum in Laugharne, west Wales.   
It opened on June 4th 2011 after 18 months hard work by a very small team of enthusiasts. 


The project had been a labour of love for Seimon Pugh-Jones and Andrew Isaacs, both of whom had collected such memorabilia since meeting whilst working at the Ministry of Defence in Pendine. Seimon a photographer and Andrew was an armourer. Seimon’s camera work has taken him into the realms of staff photographer for an American war magazine (Armchair General) and has seen him work on many historical features such as Steven Spielberg’s HBO’s award winning mini series ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ 


The idea came to them after a small temporary exhibition of Seimon’s wartime memorabilia was staged in Andrew’s old zinc sheeted garage in October 2009.

Andrew explains, ‘the exhibition went so well we thought there may be space in the township for something more permanent. I thought, it would be great to restore the garage to look like it originally did when built by my father in 1933.  From there the idea grew and it became the perfect location to transform into a museum.’

All footage, recordings, photography, web content, sound and music recordings, film and television recordings, broadcasts, the layout of published editions of written, dramatic and musical works are copyright protected.   Contact Seimon Pugh-Jones for any and all permissions required for use, copying of our work,  distributing copies of it, renting or lending copies of our work, performing, showing or playing our work in public, making an adaptation of our work, putting it on the internet.